How it works

Getting started

Sign up with our service agreement

This part is easy. Simply download our Service Agreement and a Collection Form via the “Documents” page and return them to our office by email. You can email us a Collection Form each time you have a new debt or if you have a debtor’s ledger with numerous accounts for us to collect, we can provide you with a spreadsheet to use instead. Whatever is easier for you! Just shoot us a message.

We will then go about our business in doing what we do best, which is collecting money, using various debt recovery Steps. We will always keep you informed of any debtor contact that requires your input. You may also call or email us at any stage for an update on your debts.

Each of the debt recovery Steps we use informs the debtor that Court action may be issued if payment is not made. This procedure can be tailored to suit your needs, however we will always commence the collection process with a letter so that the debtor has it in writing, that we act on your behalf.

Should payment not be made after these 5 Steps, we will provide you with advice on either writing the debt off, or issuing litigation through a Lawyer.

Tailored for you

Whilst we do have set precedent Letters of Demand and Final Notices, nothing prevents us from changing these to suit your industry or your needs. Perhaps you want your Letter of Demand to only ask for arrears and not the balance of a Credit Account. We can ensure that this is mentioned in the demand letter. IE: “…your Credit Account stands at $2,500 and is in arrears to the extent of $650”, etc.

There could be times when a long term, great customer who never missed paying you, all of a sudden stops paying and is not answering the phone. It is possible your customer could have fallen ill or had some other unplanned event take place, thus making paying their Creditors not their current priority. We can prepare our correspondence to not be as harsh, to enable your relationship with them not to be broken. After all, once this hiccup has subsided, they may once again be a flourishing customer for you.

Besides changing the content of our correspondence, we can also re-arrange the debt recovery Steps we employ. Nothing prevents us from sending out the Final Notice first, making a phone call and then providing instructions to you on engaging a Lawyer to file Court proceedings. Some debtors simply need a more sterner approach.

Direct Payment

We like our clients to have access to their money immediately so we demand all payments be made direct to your account and not into a debt collector’s trust account, where it may sit for up to a month before you are refunded. So your money is in your pocket, not ours. We will then invoice you any commission charges.


Price Match

We are so confident in the premium service that we can supply to you, that we are willing to price match your current debt collection firm’s commission rates for a 6 month period, if they are lower than our commission rates. You can consider us on probation during this time. Once the 6 months has elapsed you may elect to stay with us on the rates shown on the “Our Fees” page, or go back to using your old firm. We would wager you will remain with us. By choosing our collection agency in Geelong, debt collection Ivanhoe, Debt Collection Agency Melbourne, debt collection agency Mildura, debt collection Mount Eliza, and debt collection Preston, you can expect a results-driven and ethical approach to debt recovery that prioritises your interests and ensures the swift resolution of outstanding debts.

The commission we charge on debts collected is as per the below Commission Rate Table. The percentage charged is set on the debt amount you hand to us to collect.

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