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Debt Collection

Step 1: Letter of Demand

We like to start the collection procedure with a Letter of Demand. This letter first puts it in writing that we act on your behalf as a debt collection agency Victoria and demands payment within 7 days, direct to your bank account. This can be sent by post and/or email.

Step 2: Phone Call

This is where the fun begins. If we make contact, we should be able to determine the debtor's payment intentions and thus discuss payment options. If the debtor disputes the amount owed we will contact you with the details and formulate a response.

debt collection agency victoria

Step 3: Text Message

We will ask the debtor to make contact with us or risk facing further debt recovery action.

debt collection agency victoria

Step 4: Email

We will inform the debtor how disappointed we are that they have not made any contact with us and advise them that if the debt is not immediately paid the matter will progress. A little bit of reverse psychology here goes a long way to obtaining a response.

debt collection agency victoria

Step 5: Final Notice

This is the last step Vic Collect will take to recover your debt. The debtor is advised that if the debt is not paid within 7 days, Court action may be issued which will incur costs to be borne by the debtor.

debt collection agency victoria


Failing Vic Collect being successful to recover your debt, we will provide you with advice on legal action, including the costs involved and will recommend and engage a lawyer to act on your behalf. The alternative would be to write the debt off or have us make further demands for a file extension fee.

Credit Management

Terms of trade

The cornerstone of good credit management. You will be amazed at how well a good Credit Application Form and a Personal Guarantee document will benefit your business. Our collection agency can tailor make terms and conditions for your business to minimize bad debt and allow you to recover debt collection fees, thus making the engagement of a debt collector a favourable option.

Good credit policy

A credit policy is paramount for an effective accounts receivable process within your business. What customers do you approve and how much credit do you grant them? When do you send an overdue account to a collection agency? These are just some of the questions you need to consider for a Good Credit Policy and we at Vic Collect are here to help with this process.


Credit Checks

Provided through Creditor Watch, Credit Checks on prospective customers are a great way of instigating good credit policy. By performing a credit check you can determine the credit worthiness of a company or business you wish to do business with, thus minimizing the risk of them becoming a non-payer. Performing a credit check however is not as easy as it may seem, as you must have have written authority from the company or business you wish to investigate, giving you permission to conduct a credit check on them. Many businesses have obtained this permission by way of terms and conditions agreed on when setting up a credit account. But what if you don’t run credit accounts. Well, Vic Collect can assist you by providing you with a simple one page form  to be completed by your prospective customer, providing the required permission and therefore complying with the relevant section of the Privacy Act. Simply click below and download the Credit Check Form and have your customer complete it. Then return it to us for a credit check to be done for $70. You must be a Vic Collect client to take advantage of this service. OR, if you do have a signed Credit Application form allowing a credit check to be performed, email this to us and we can perform the  credit check for you.

CreditorWatch Report

1. Publically available ASIC Search and/or ABR data:

  • ABN and/or ACN
  • Names – legal, trading, main, other, previous
  • Locality
  • Entity type
  • Entity status
  • Class and subclass
  • GST Status
  • Registration date

2. Adverse Data (if present)

  • Payment defaults (unique to CreditorWatch) – creditor, amount outstanding, payment due date
  • Court actions – plaintiff, action type, action amount, action date, nature of claim, proceeding number and location
  • Mercantile Enquiries (unique to CreditorWatch) – registered date, mercantile agent and contract number for mercantile agent
  • ASIC insolvency notices – notices relating to; external administrations, winding up notifications (ASIC, voluntary and members); schemes of arrangements; deregistration’s
  • Credit enquiries

3. CreditorWatch Credit Score

  • Current score
  • 12 month historical score trend
  • Trading recommendation

4. Company Overview & Credit Status Report

  • Company Overview & Credit Status Report provides you with a deeper level of critical information by allowing you to access both ASIC and CreditorWatch information in a single order.


The commission we charge on debts collected is as per the below Commission Rate Table. The percentage charged is set on the debt amount you hand to us to collect.

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